Thursday, January 15, 2015

What I Learned

I made it through two of the most grueling months of my life, where I worked 7 days a week, going to school and running my own business. What I accomplished? I finished my 31 page business plan, I pulled off four shows in three weeks, made it through the first year of my business in the studio without losing my shirt, slowly have increased my student base, and sold quite a bit of art. 

I don't usually make resolutions, as they are too easily broken, but I do reflect upon the year, note what I have learned, and see what it is I have to do to make this next one the best possible ever. 

What I learned this year? To be a good business person, I must be organized with my time, my paperwork, and my chores. I must do my accounting on a weekly, if not a daily basis. This will make everything else much more easy in the end. (can you tell I am dreading my 2014 taxes?).  I learned that the best advertising is word of mouth, keeping an interesting active online presence. I learned that when I am tired and stressed, to take care of myself so that I remain physically and mentally on top of my game. I also learned that it is of utmost importance to schedule art days into my busy schedule so I can MAKE ART.  

Thank you all for the support you have shown me on this reinvention-of-self adventure. It isn't an easy journey, but it is a gratifying one. And, as I settle into the groove, it can only get easier and better.


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