Tuesday, July 14, 2015


River Road- Winter Sunset - Oil on Canvas

 Up in the Clouds- oil on paper

I am settling into the next phase of my artist's life.

Having taken a leave of absence from my Monday job at the Tibetan shop, I now have two days off in a row at least until the end of August.

I am slowly overhauling my Kingston studio to accomodate all of the art supplies that will be coming back from my Rhinebeck studio.  I am still unsure of my tenure there, but  will be working there 2 days a week teaching in August, and have proposed renting per Diem to teach two days a week thru December.  Only small amount of my work will remain, such as my journals, some greeting cards, and a sampling of small works. I take things a day at a time and will know more in a week.

I sold two lovely pieces a few weekends ago; one a painting of River Road in Rhinebeck, the last of three winter scenes that I painted of this location. While finishing that sale, I received a call from a gallery in Woodstock, and I sold my abstract cloud, an oil on paper.  I was elated to say the least.  I am joyful and always grateful that people fall in love with a piece that they must take home. The joy of owning art goes a long way, much longer than an expensive meal out!

I have been putting things out curbside for free. A sewing machine that I can't use, a studio chair, and a large chipped frame perfect for someone who has the skills to restore. They have vanished, and I am glad that others can reap from the things I no longer want or use.

I am excited. No longer being scared about money (as I approach things a day at a time, a meal at a time, a repair at a time) helps free the apprehension about what I am doing. I am slowly easing my way into a world of art of my own invention, a step at a time, sort of like going into a cold body of water. Once you get in and you acclimate to it, it feels really good.

Stay tuned!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

In the Works

I am a woman of my word.  If I feel I need change, I do it, albeit it is on no one's time schedule but mine, and if I trust in the Universe/God/my higher power, the path is shown to me at the time that is right.

An example of trust: I was momentarily crushed that I did not get into the Hudson River Exchange show, but I quickly got over it and life went on.  Last week they emailed  me with a last minute space.  I politely declined, as I was juggling many shows, and knew that I would be crazy to try and pull it off. And what happened this weekend? It was a rainy cold mess.  Imagine setting up and breaking down in it, and then sitting for two days under a tent. Nope. Been there done that, too much for me.

Another example of trust: I have been struggling with my finances and the fact that in order to make my Rhinebeck studio profitable, I needed to be teaching 5 days a week as it was in a poor retail location. I left that life of full time teaching, and want to make art and only teach a few days a week. I had intended on keeping my studio open until the end of September, after the Dutchess County Open Studio, but when I talked to the director and said that the ONLY reason I was staying open until September was due to the Studio Tour, she said "if you are serious and want to be taken off it, tell me now, and it will be done before the brochure is sent to press." I made a quick, but not rash decision and told her to take me off.  I gave notice to my partner that I would be out by the end of July.

So here I am. I have taken leave for the summer from the only job that gives me a small paycheck, and now I am closing the space where I taught - but taught for free as all the money went into keeping the studio paid for.  I am looking at a great big wide open space of time to create, but have to figure out how to bring in some cash. 

I am looking to rent space by the 1/2 day or hour, and am open to the options. Churches, stores, other studios, libraries. 

I have 3 shows in the upcoming month;   the main one at the Starr Library in Rhinebeck, which is a show of both my and my student's work from July 2-30, with the opening Friday, July 10th from 5:30-7:30.  Two of my abstract works are at the Art Bar's July show "Red White and Blue", opening Friday, July 3, from  .  I will be in a group show in Albany at the Capital Repertory Theater Gallery from July 8th-August 26th. I am awaiting word on another show, and will be submitting to two more local community galleries.

So all is well. I will survive. I will figure out how to bring in some cash, but intend on using every moment that I can -  living life and making art. The garden is starting to produce, I have a library card where I can rent all the movies for free that I want, I won't be driving all over the place, so I will save on gas, and I am throwing myself out to the universe and saying SHOW ME THE PATH.

So stay tuned...as I strap myself in for the next ride!

Photo: Resolution: Pastel, ink and graphite on paper. At the ART BAR in July.
Frame size 10 x 20"

Thursday, May 28, 2015


When I signed on to make a new post, I was aghast that it has been far too long since I have written.

I have been busy- working 6 days a week, and trying to cram in all of my life into one 24 hour period.

Recently I took a much needed break from the craziness, and rented a cabin for 4 days in Truro, Cape Cod. My friend and her husband, and me and my man, rented two cottages on a few acres of secluded land off a sand road.  It was nearly four solid days of moving at our own pace, eating fabulous fresh food  made from whatever we threw in bags and bought with us. We learned how to make water kefir and bread, we taught them how to make our Elixir - aka ginger shots.  We lived on cheese, wine, bread, salads and more---food of the gods.

I showered when I felt I needed to. Hardly used the car. Walked everyday to the lighthouse, 1/2 mile away. It was too windy to walk the beach, but we grabbed a few moments to watch the sun set at the little town beach, and most importantly, we made art. And talked art, life, and about the struggles that artists face.

In the quiet moments I realized a few things, the main one being that I have filled so much of my time with teaching and working other jobs, that I was having a hard time finding the time to paint. I knew after starting to get into the flow of the art and visiting with the muse at the cottage, that this had to change. 

It has been two years since I left my teaching job to follow my passion. I have derailed a bit from that intention, and my job was to get back there.

So I have decided that for the summer to give up my Monday job so that I can have two days in a row off, then I have 2.5 days of art and design time, and 2.5 days of teaching. I will see how that works both time wise and financially.

Reinvention takes time, and is a journey in discovering what I want to do with my remaining time in this world. May I live to 85 and be able to do all that I dream of!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Shows for the Month

You can see my work at the following galleries this month:

Until March 14th: Woodstock School of  Art Gallery (Shape Shifters #1)
Woodstock Art Association and Museum; Something Wild: now until April 5th  (Something Wicked)
Arts Society of Kingston: Allegory and Myth: Now Until March 28th (The Changeling)

More Later on what's happening at the studio!!!!


Thursday, January 15, 2015

Valentine Ornament Workshop!


Why should decorating end with Christmas? I say leave up the white lights and decorate with Valentine-Themed ornaments! Come to my studio at 18 Garden Street, Rhinebeck, NY,  to play for an hour, and make these wonderful encaustic ornaments....bring a friend! (Max 2 people per session.) 
Friday January 23rd and 30th, from 10-6. Sign up for a slot at 10, 12, 2, 4, or 6 pm, for 1 or 2 people! 20.00 per person or bring a friend for 35.00 for both. Materials and instruction included.

These are my samples; you will do your own collages of course!  Encaustic is hot wax - like giant crayons melted on a hotplate, then painted onto wood forms (about 4" in size); each layer of wax is sealed with a heat gun or tacking iron, then text and images paper are encased in hot clear encaustic medium.  This art form was first used in Ancient Greece and Rome, then forgotten until the work of Jasper Johns and others nearly 2,000 years later. This is the perfect way to be introduced to it. Our very own R&F Handmade Paints out of Kingston, NY, will be used in the process!

Visit my website at pagibbonsstudio.com for contact information or"Like" my Facebook page at
P.A. Gibbons Studio. 

What I Learned

I made it through two of the most grueling months of my life, where I worked 7 days a week, going to school and running my own business. What I accomplished? I finished my 31 page business plan, I pulled off four shows in three weeks, made it through the first year of my business in the studio without losing my shirt, slowly have increased my student base, and sold quite a bit of art. 

I don't usually make resolutions, as they are too easily broken, but I do reflect upon the year, note what I have learned, and see what it is I have to do to make this next one the best possible ever. 

What I learned this year? To be a good business person, I must be organized with my time, my paperwork, and my chores. I must do my accounting on a weekly, if not a daily basis. This will make everything else much more easy in the end. (can you tell I am dreading my 2014 taxes?).  I learned that the best advertising is word of mouth, keeping an interesting active online presence. I learned that when I am tired and stressed, to take care of myself so that I remain physically and mentally on top of my game. I also learned that it is of utmost importance to schedule art days into my busy schedule so I can MAKE ART.  

Thank you all for the support you have shown me on this reinvention-of-self adventure. It isn't an easy journey, but it is a gratifying one. And, as I settle into the groove, it can only get easier and better.