Tuesday, July 14, 2015


River Road- Winter Sunset - Oil on Canvas

 Up in the Clouds- oil on paper

I am settling into the next phase of my artist's life.

Having taken a leave of absence from my Monday job at the Tibetan shop, I now have two days off in a row at least until the end of August.

I am slowly overhauling my Kingston studio to accomodate all of the art supplies that will be coming back from my Rhinebeck studio.  I am still unsure of my tenure there, but  will be working there 2 days a week teaching in August, and have proposed renting per Diem to teach two days a week thru December.  Only small amount of my work will remain, such as my journals, some greeting cards, and a sampling of small works. I take things a day at a time and will know more in a week.

I sold two lovely pieces a few weekends ago; one a painting of River Road in Rhinebeck, the last of three winter scenes that I painted of this location. While finishing that sale, I received a call from a gallery in Woodstock, and I sold my abstract cloud, an oil on paper.  I was elated to say the least.  I am joyful and always grateful that people fall in love with a piece that they must take home. The joy of owning art goes a long way, much longer than an expensive meal out!

I have been putting things out curbside for free. A sewing machine that I can't use, a studio chair, and a large chipped frame perfect for someone who has the skills to restore. They have vanished, and I am glad that others can reap from the things I no longer want or use.

I am excited. No longer being scared about money (as I approach things a day at a time, a meal at a time, a repair at a time) helps free the apprehension about what I am doing. I am slowly easing my way into a world of art of my own invention, a step at a time, sort of like going into a cold body of water. Once you get in and you acclimate to it, it feels really good.

Stay tuned!

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