Saturday, March 29, 2014

Finding Inspiration Part 2

This is a painting that I did LAST  week that I had been itching to do. Sadly this week - no painting or  creative work as the week was filled with working on mundane things like course descriptions, my taxes, working on accounts etc. After next week I will be working from the right side of the brain again!

This piece was inspired by a turn-of-the-century postcard of the Notch, looking towards Hunter Mountain.
Normally I work from my own photograph, and when I can, plein air, but I was intrigued by this image and wanted to paint it. It needs a few touch ups here and there..a little more brightness and color in a few places, but I was totally inspired by such a small piece of paper, from a time where there were no billboards,  few cars, and the Catskills were far less marred by the existence of our culture.

Back to the grunt work of running a business. It's got to be done!

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