Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Beauty of a Golf Course

Who knew there was such magic and beauty to be found on a golf course? 

I am staying in a condo community in Brewster.  The houses are surrounded by a beautifully kept golf course. The irony is- I don't golf.  But I do enjoy the nearly 3 mile loop I can walk, and photographing the landscape from the path. Last year I made the awful faux pas of walking on the golf cart trails, and was promptly chided how dangerous that was- from both the cart and ball perspective.  So now I stick to the bike path, and explore from there.  

I am rapidly chilling out from 12 days in a row of work, and a very busy year of reinventing myself. It takes an incredible amount of work....and is emotionally taxing at times. So having a week of sleeping in, writing, reading, strolling, some sun and lots of ocean inspired cuisine, is much needed and cherished. 

Off to Truro to find some adventures.......

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